Adding Value to Your Organization


In the world of IT support it is constantly a battle between cost of completion, time of completion, and providing the  best quality possible.

Piedmont Technical Experts is not the cheapest provider on the market but we are very cost effective. Our cost effectiveness comes into play by reduced time to resolution on tickets  and our high quality reduces cost by removing the need for retouches after the fact.

Project Method

Ever suffer through a never ending project?

Two Questions was it because things were left out of the project or because things were added to the project after signing?

At Piedmont Technical Experts our scopes are clear to understand and detailed enough to clearly define the lines of the project. In addition our approach is to define our responsibilities and what are client responsibilities. All in an approach to control scopecreep and control project costs.

Our Billing Method

All of projects and tickets are handled at an hourly rate, but estimated hours are always provided. Our intention is always to meet our estimate or better. Our billing structure is billed in 15-minute increments