5 Essential Features Your Business Should Demand in EDR Solutions

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Endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions offer invaluable visibility into threats unfolding across user devices and servers connected to organizational networks. Going beyond traditional antivirus scans, EDR solutions leverage advanced behavioral analysis earlier and more accurate detection of targeted intrusions that evade legacy systems. However, not all EDR solutions supply the same degree of protection or ease of use.

5 Essential Features Your Business Should Demand in EDR Solutions

When evaluating options as a small or mid-sized business, keep requirements simple but make sure you demand these 5 non-negotiable capabilities:

  1. Automated Prevention and Response. Top EDR solutions go beyond notifying IT teams about suspicious activities by instantly shutting down detected threats before damage unfolds. Neutralize threats automatically.
  2. Detailed Incident Forensics. Skilled attackers use advanced techniques that are difficult even for specialists to decode. Quality EDR solutions offer intuitive tracking of all artifacts, files, and memory actions conducted by malware to speed threat hunting, removal, and recovery procedures.
  3. Backup/Remediation Integrations. Despite robust prevention, some incidents still necessitate restoring data or system images to pre-infection states. We verify EDR solutions to make sure backup platforms integrate seamlessly for one-touch recovery.
  4. Customizable Alerting Parameters. Fine-tune detection protocols and notifications around business hours and personnel preferences. Control alerts based on risk profiles for different systems onsite and cloud assets.
  5. Ongoing Protection Updates. The best EDR solutions update automatically based on behavioral analysis and prevention countermeasures as hacker communities change their tactics.

While strengthened antivirus and firewalls remain important, modern attacks require advanced EDR solutions to outpace evasive threats like ransomware. Contact us today to discuss your options and defend your infrastructure.