What IT Services Do Small Businesses Need?

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As a small business, technology underpins all your operations. Your network hardware and software, business applications, payment systems, and other infrastructure must be expertly managed to enable your day-to-day productivity and growth. Smart business leaders recognize this core flaw: critical IT services fall outside your core competencies.

What IT Services Do Small Businesses Need?

Rather than let technology problems slow your momentum, this is why you should partner with an expertly managed IT services provider.

  • Security. As cybercriminals increasingly target small businesses, secure encryption, firewalls, anti-malware programs, backups, and employee security training are crucial. We handle installation, maintenance, and monitoring of your network defenses.
  • Data Backup & Disaster Recovery. Local backup of information plus offsite cloud backup ensures you can rebound from hackers, storms, or device failures.
  • Monitoring & Support. Even small network issues or application errors slow you down, so on-call monitoring paired with prompt issue resolution keeps systems running. An IT services support team is available to help your staff when you need them.
  • Updates & Upgrades. Your PCs, servers, routers, and programs require constant updating, which IT services experts can reliably handle in the background. This maintains full functionality and compliance with the latest data privacy laws. Upgrades bring improved speed and features to your system.
  • Office Productivity Software. Well-known programs like Microsoft Office 365 handle documents, email, spreadsheets, and other daily needs with optimal performance assured by your IT services company. They also manage licenses, storage, and configurations.
  • VoIP Business Phone Services. Internet-powered calling offers low cost long distance and many handy features through easy setup and management from a partner. This frees up in-house resources to better support customers and operations.
  • Secure Wi-Fi & Internet. Robust internet connectivity allows staff access to cloud software and customer-facing tools from anywhere in or around your office.

Those represent just a sample of vital technology services that enable small businesses to remain competitive in today’s tech-driven climate. Contact us today to determine the right plans and budget for your unique needs.