What Should You Request in a Technology Business Review?

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As technology constantly changes, smart small business owners make sure to regularly check in on the health of their computer systems, software, websites, and other technology. They don’t just wait until something breaks or gets hacked. Our technology business review is a detailed review of your current tech status and future business needs. These reviews help strengthen security, boost productivity, and find new ways technology can help your business be more competitive.

What Should You Request in a Technology Business Review?

We produce up to 40 documents that provide you with a holistic view of your IT environment.

  • Cyber Risk Defense. We look at prevention tools and incident response metrics. We also evaluate data backup/recovery plans and how they compare with the always-growing cyber threats. We review employee training, login protections, and cyber insurance needs.
  • Hardware & Software Fitness. This part of the technology business review evaluates your computers, servers, storage, networks, and key software programs to ensure they align with current and projected business demand. We can also help you plan future upgrade needs as your technology ages.
  • Cloud Transition Opportunities. We determine which systems can safely move to the cloud for better resilience, collaboration, and cost savings.
  • Ways To Optimize Technology. Here, we spotlight opportunities where updated software tools can remove bottlenecks by automating processes, providing management visibility via dashboards, allowing e-commerce additions, and improving customer personalization through apps.
  • Budget Planning. Our technology business review considers current technology spending and determines upcoming needs to adequately budget for maintenance, security, disaster readiness, and future upgrade projects.

Just like routine checkups help people stay healthy, a  helps small businesses stay protected, productive, and positioned for success. Contact us to schedule one soon.