Meet your Engineers- Jonathan Beck (JB)

Jonathan is one of the managing partners and a senior solution engineer at Piedmont Technical Experts.  Jonathan has been in the IT industry for over 20 years.  

Jonathan has worked as a technician, a system admin, a project engineer, a project manager, consultant, virtual IT manager for organizations along with a host of other roles.  He is constantly researching and expanding his skill base.  He has numerous certifications from CompTIA, SonicWall, and has gotten Microsoft certifications.  Jonathan says, “Certifications are nice, but they are no substitute for real life experience and that’s what we have here at Piedmont Technical Experts.”  

Outside of work Jonathan is an avid runner, bike rider, and loves going to the gym.  Jonathan’s journey into running began with a single 5k and then grew into running 5ks, 10ks, and half marathons.  Nothing quite explains the feeling of crossing a finish line at the end of a race.  His determination is nothing to scoff at.  He took a fall at an event and broke and dislocated a finger, he got up and not only finished the race but put up one of his best times that day.  Three days later he was having surgery.  Four days after that he was running races again still with surgical pins in his hand.  He explained, ” When I started running I was nearly 300 pounds and now I’m down nearly 100 pounds and through this journey I’ve never been in better health in my life.  I live my life by the simple rule of be better than yesterday.”  

Jonathan brings that same determination to his professional life as well.  Whether it is a support ticket or project his determination to see it done right is always at the top of his list.  Additionally, Jonathan strives each day to look for ways he can improve both professionally and personally as it relates to the IT industry, Jonathan says, “Everyone knows the industry is constantly changing, you either change with it or get left behind.”